Re-Launching Unrepeatable Blessings Blog! [PART 1]

Hello all and welcome [back] to my blog, Unrepeatable Blessings! I am VERY excited to be re-launching this blog and I am so glad you found me here!

Danielle Dyann Abril

I pray that the things that I post on this blog (and in social media in general) will be a blessing to you and your family, that my words will uplift you and encourage you. I feel as if there is so much to tell you about myself and my blog but I think I will simply start by explaining my tagline because I feel that it well illustrates the reason why I want to share my heart with you. The tagline reads: This moment is an unrepeatable blessing fashioned by God just for you; remember to treasure it!

This line has been germinating as a tiny seed in my heart for almost a decade. It began to emerge when my two oldest children were very young while driving around after a particularly busy day. I began to ponder my life—deep stuff right to begin a blog with, right? Well, on this day I was on my way home from a long, frustrating, and necessary trip to the grocery store with two very small children. I was in a terrible mood and thinking about how some day things would be easier, there would be fewer dirty diapers, more money, more voices sharing their appreciation, and I would be able to actually enjoy my life instead of merely trudging through each day just to make it to the end. And then it hit me, when did I think this magical day would arrive?

Surveying my life I realized that I truly had all the desires of my heart—I was a stay-at-home mom (my dream job) with two wonderful children, a loving and supportive husband, and family and friends who cared for me. We were not rich by any means, in fact, we were living on a graduate student income, but we did have all our needs met. I began to wonder, if I already had everything I wanted, would a change in circumstances or my children growing older really give me the happiness I thought I lacked?

At that moment I realized that God has already given me EVERYTHING IN ABUNDANCE that I need to be happy, to have full contentment, I was just missing it! It was not my circumstances that would make for a whole and fulfilling life but rather how I looked at my life. At that moment, I created my tagline (or should I say it was given to me by God) which I then proceeded to post all over our house to remind me to live joyfully treasuring my life moments.

Over the past decade after this “epiphany moment”, I have often repeated this line to invite myself to take in each moment. There are so many times I forget this message. especially living through the past few years of global pandemic, 3 kids under 2, 3 adoptions in 2 years, and so much more! So let’s get this straight, I am writing this as much for me as for anyone else!

Come back tomorrow to learn more about my tagline. I cannot wait to see you!

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  1. Hi, Danielle! Was thinking about you today (I don’t think we ever formally met? But my family was at co-op with you for a couple years) and somewhat creepily found your blog. (Sorry… Being “Google certified” is a blessing and a curse. I’m pretty sure it was you who had two kids recite memory work at the talent show at the St. Agnes home a couple years ago? I think of you often when we do memory work…) Anyway, I’m bad at following things, but I thought I would say hello and pipe up as a reader (I will try to follow!), in case that would be of any value to you as a blogger. ? It just seems…serendipitous? Providential perhaps? (Coincidental…) that I’d be thinking of you and find you two days after you started back with this blog. Hope you’re doing well! (And sorry for being creepy and weird. It feels like my greatest proficiency and only real skill…)

    1. Hey Kim! Yes, we were definitely at Co-Op together. Thanks for the follow! Stay in touch! God Bless!

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