Commemorating Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day 2021

It is a club that you never knew existed, you never wanted to join, and its existence is rarely acknowledged. It is the group of men and women who have lost a child before birth or during infancy.

On October 15th each year, we remember and commemorate all of these “club members” who hold a child close to their heart who they can no longer hold in their arms.

In 2010, my family suffered a miscarriage and ever since this day has been near and dear to my own heart. I have always wanted to do something extra special to remember this day — and to celebrate the short life of my child who we named, Catherine Marie. This year is the year!

So, you are cordially invited to join me over on YouTube as I pray the Rosary of Our Lady’s Prayers. Text of this Rosary can be found in My Treasury of Chaplets *affiliate link* or here.

Below is a download of a special prayer (which I pray during the video). I wrote this prayer especially for this day but it can be prayed anytime for yourself, family, or friends who are grieving the loss of their beloved child. *Note: I formatted the PDF so that you should be able to print the prayer and image and fold them in half to make a prayer card.

If you or your family is grieving from pregnancy and/or infant loss, please know that you do not walk alone. You are in my thoughts and prayers and are welcome to reach out to me through my contact form or social media to share your story.

God Bless!

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