Book Launch: “Mama Mary’s Garden” by Mary Williams

I am always on the hunt for the newest and greatest Catholic books to add to our ever-growing bookshelves at home. I was very blessed to be given a sneak peak at this beautiful new book, Mama Mary’s Garden by Mary Williams. And, I honestly could not be more pleased!

From her heavenly throne she send showers of love,

her mantle protecting the world from above.

from Mama Mary’s Garden

Ever since the time I was in high school, I have had a special devotion to Mary and have loving called her my “mama Mary”. I was so excited to see her addressed this way in this book and knew immediately that this book was something that I need to check out.

In addition to a wonderful premise, this book is filled with absolutely delightful images that I practically would like to frame. The text is also very well written and easy to read aloud. My children seemed to really enjoy listening to this story particularly with its well-crafted rhyming lines.

I am so appreciative of the diversity that is shown in this book. The characters in this book are from several different races and cultures and one if its characters is even depicted in a wheelchair. This is so meaningful to our family to be represented.

Overall, I cannot recommend this book highly enough and I cannot wait to get a physical copy!

If you want to see more of this book while you wait for your physical copy to arrive check out Mary Williams’s YouTube Channel where you can listen to a read aloud version of this book.

To get your own copy of this book, check it out on Amazon.*

* This is an affiliate link but as always I stand behind my recommendations.

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