Walking for Dad: Racking Up Miles to Defeat Cancer!

It was a cold morning back in 2016 and I had just found out that I was expecting a “miracle” baby. All seemed right with the world until a phone call from my dad changed all that. I remember it quite vividly actually.

My dad told me that he was going to the doctor to have some tests run…. okay…. “What kind of tests?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing, just some numbers look wrong in my blood but I am sure it is nothing.” he responded.

Now, if you know my dad it was easy to believe him. He spent his career as a fire fighter and he loomed somewhat larger than life in my mind. He was invincible. He was the man who RAN INTO burning buildings on a regular basis; nothing could be wrong with him.

Oh, how wrong I was! So, to make a VERY long story short, he was diagnosed shortly after with Multiple Myeloma (a type of blood cancer) and underwent some very intensive treatment, including two stem cell transplants. Through the grace of God, the skill of doctors, and advances in medical science, he is now in remission.

I know that without the diligent research funded by organizations such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, he would not be here today to celebrate life with his kids and grandkids. I am so grateful to all those in the past who have committed to research. I am so indebted to the doctors, nurses, and his primary caregiver (my mom) who cared for him at his sickest. I want to pay it forward to others and honor the epic battle he fought for his life.

To honor my dad, the survivor, the warrior, I took the 30 Mile Challenge offered by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society this past February. It was a great experience and I was blessed with the support of family and friends to raise $95 towards the cause of defeating blood cancer once and for all.

This coming April, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is hosting another challenge and I am so excited to strap on my tennis shoes and log some additional miles to help raise funds to assist with new and innovative treatment that might save or prolong someone’s life.

So, here’s all the details: I am forming a team and I would love to have friends and family join my team. I have an ambitious team goal of $1000 so I need lots of teammates! All you have to do is agree to get out and do some movement during the month of April and ask others to sponsor you as you do so. If you want to join the team, check it our @ Team Unrepeatable Blesssings.

As for my part of the challenge, my goal is to walk or use the elliptical for 35 miles during the month of April and I am seeking sponsors to donate towards my personal (and lofty) goal of $500 dollars. If you feel called to donate towards my goal, you can do so at my personal page.

Thanks, friends! I truly believe that if we all work together we can beat cancer!

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