About Your Paper Pie ~ Danielle Dyann Abril

Hey everyone! I am so excited you have dropped in to the party and to learn more about me!

I know some of you well but I wanted to be sure to introduce myself to those of you who I have not officially met yet. My name is Danielle Dyann Abril. I am married to an awesome guy, Michael Anthony, and together we have six children who we have added to our family through adoption, foster care, and biological parenthood.

My “full time” job is being a stay-at-home home-schooling mom to these amazing (and sometimes frustrating, haha) kids. In my “spare” time, I work with the Office of Natural Family Planning for the Archdiocese of St. Louis, I am a freelance writer, and a voracious of reader of kids books and sweet romances.

I became an Paper Pie Consultant in August 2021 with the plan to donate a large portion of money I made selling books to invest in books for foster children. I have been able to donate over $500 dollars worth of books through my efforts and the generous donations of others to the Foster Together Foster Closet. I also donated 10 Easter Baskets just before Easter 2022. I am greatly hoping that with your generous purchases, I can provide backpacks with books at Back-to-School time, and a cuddly blanket and book at Christmas time.

My passion for this project came from the fact that my family was a licensed and active foster family for 6 years. During that time we welcomed children into our home anywhere from 10 days to forever. We ended our “career” as foster parents by adopting 2 of our sweet foster children. We are now “retired” as foster parents. However, loving foster children will always be part of our family mission (and our entire family adores reading) so this seemed like a natural way to help!

I would LOVE to hear about YOU! Please tell me a little about yourself in the comments (or use the contact form) and share the title of the book(s) you are currently reading.