Books for All Ages and Stages

One of the awesome things about Usborne Books & More is that there are books for kids in all ages and stages of learning. I wanted to walked you through just a few of these ranges right here to get you familiar with what we offer. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out as I LOVE answering questions about BOOKS!

It is so important to remember that the earlier you start reading to your little one, the earlier they can fall in love with reading. So start even BEFORE birth with some Usborne Books.

To view books in this age range visit:

To learn about one of my absolute favorites for this age range check out my Youtube Video.

Nothing is sweeter than finding a newly emerging reader with their nose stuck in a book. My little ones love the simple words and pictures that they find in Usborne books!

See the books perfect for this age range at:

Now for some of great emerging and middle grade readers for ages 7 to 9…

I LOVE this stage of reading where kids grab and book and get lost in the story! Usborne Books & More offers SO MANY fun and educational books!

Be on the look out for both fiction and non-fiction titles that will have your child enthralled. And be sure to grab some titles for read aloud time (seriously, my FAVORITE time of day!)

For a selection of books in this age range visit:

Ages Ten and Above

Now for those older readers, ages 10 and above..

My oldest child just entered this age range and I cannot wait to delve deeper into what is offered here!

According to some research, less than 20 percent of US teens read a book, magazine, or newspaper daily for pleasure. In contrast, more than 80 percent say they use various social media every day.

Not in our houses! These books will help our kids to CHOOSE to pick up a book and READ!

For suggestions of books in this age range visit:

If you are anything like me, you always want to be sure that your child[ren] are choosing good books to read.

I love that when I hand them an Usborne Book I know that they will be reading a good quality book.

Check out these videos to see just a few of what Usborne Books & More has to offer to our chapter book readers.