Five Great Reasons to Be A Party Host

There are *so many* fun and great reasons to host your own Usborne Books & More Party! Here are my TOP Five:

  1. You love reading and books and can never get enough of them!

One really fun reason to host a party is that every party I attend I learn about a new and educational book I have never seen before. It is so interesting to see all the different options out there and to see what works for each child and what brings about joy in their learning.

2. You have an upcoming gift-giving holiday and you need to stock up on gifts without breaking the bank!

There are so many holidays to give gifts for in the course of one year. Books always make a great gift because they don’t come with a bunch of tiny pieces that can get lost, they can be reused over and over, and they the recipient something new. Books are also available in a variety of price ranges most under $10. Some awesome gift-giving book holidays include: Valentines Day, Easter, Birthdays, Christmas, Back-to-School, Trick-or-Treat, and so many more!

3. You or someone you know is having a baby and you want that baby to come into the world with a full library!

I started with Usborne Books & More right around the time that my two little nieces were born in 2021 and there could not have been a better time! I have had some much fun stocking up the libraries of these two little girls with good quality books. So, it is my biggest suggestion that if you or a friend is having a baby that you have an Usborne Books & More Baby Shower to get a great haul of books for that brand new library.

4. You can introduce your friends and family to a great resource which will instill a life-long love of reading into their children!

I do what I do because when I find something that I LOVE I cannot help but share it! If you are enjoying your Usborne Books a great way to share that goodness with the world is to host a party so that you can tell your friends and family about what you have found. The mission statement of Usborne Books & More says, “The future of our world depends on the education of our children.  We deliver educational excellence one book at a time.  We provide economic opportunity while fostering strong family values.  We touch the lives of children for a lifetime.” This is what you are sharing in when you host a party.

5. You are ready to earn some *FREE* books for yourself or to donate to a great organization!

Okay, last but certainly not least in my list is the opportunity to earn *FREE* books and other prizes. Every time you place an order with me as your consultant it entitles you to special perks and benefits. And I love to treat my customers well!

Chat with me at the time of the booking of your party to see my current specials or if you are looking for something just ask! I am always really excited to share that the host at one of my first parties got over $300 in FREE books and $225 in half priced books! Her haul contained something like 34 titles!

The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries.

Rene Descartes

So now you have the lowdown on 5 great reasons to book an Usborne Books & More Party. It is really very simple, easy, fun, and low commitment and and usually will not require anything more of you than sending out an e-mail or two.

There lots of options to how we can hold your party a LinkTree Party, Facebook Party, Zoom Party, In-Person Party, and so much more. Just ask me about it!

I will make your party, easy, and fun and best of all do my best to get you LOTS of FREE books!

Contact me TODAY ask for more information about how EASY it is to host your own party.

Who’s ready to book a party?