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Read Aloud time is my FAVORITE time of day! Seriously, I cannot emphasize this enough! As a home-school mom, it is one time a day that the kids and I get to snuggle up together and engage in a single activity and enter into a new world together. I simply love how having a read-aloud family book creates a family culture that keeps my kids close to me and to each other while broadening their worldview and definitely their vocabulary! Reading aloud as a family is a simple technique that can be practiced by all families no matter their size or age of their children. Give it a try!

As always, if you are looking for some great read-aloud suggestions, reach out anytime. In the meantime…

Watch the Videos Below for Some Wonderful Read-Aloud Options:

Read Aloud Picture Books:

Unabridged Illustrated Classics:

More Books for Older Readers:

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