Three Great Reasons to become a “Book Lady”

Are you a person who LOVE books and just cannot get enough? Guess What? You too can become a “Book Lady” like me!

Honestly, I am having so much fun being an Usborne Book & More Book Lady and would love to help others join me!

Have you ever thought about becoming a book lady? Here’s 3 reasons why this might be a good time..


Okay…let me say that again… FREE BOOKS! Seriously, you can earn FREE books just by becoming an Usborne Books & More Book Lady and sharing your love of books with others. You also will get a discount on any books you choose to buy for your own family which is a HUGE bonus!


Being a Book Lady is fun way to make extra income! I have always felt that I could not sell something that I could not genuinely recommend. I LOVE books so much (and Usborne books are truly excellent books) that I knew there was no way to go wrong here. I have found that pairing this with my mission to get books to foster kids helps give my business a special purpose. See more about my mission.

If you are a person who loves books and loves to share them with others this may just be a great way for you to earn a little extra income. Yes, it will be work and it is not a get rich quick scheme but you helping your family while making the world a better place!


As a busy mom, I spend so much of my time focused on what my little poeple need that it is so much fun to get to have something that helps my family, challenges me, gives me a creative outlet all my own. When I first started as a consultant my husband coudl not understand why I was so happy kept telling him, how good it felt to have something extra special all my own motivating me!

If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and do something new and exciting; reach out to me today and we will get you started on a very rewarding path!