Unrepeatable Blessings Book Project

I am so excited to share with you a passion project of mine. If you read the blog regularly, you know that our family has been a foster family for the past 6 years. We are so blessed that we are going to be adopting our last foster child later this year and then “retiring” as active foster parents.

However, our heart will always be with foster children. While we were foster parents, there was such a wonderful community that supported our family. So, I was brainstorming ways to continue helping foster children and realized that one of our family’s favorite things are BOOKS. So, I decided to become an Usborne Books & More Consultant with the goal of donating books to children in foster care.

I am hoping to get my friends and family to join me in the mission of getting books into the hands of foster children. Luckily, there are lots of way to help! The easiest way…follow this link and buy books!

To learn more about the project visit my YouTube Channel and view these links:

Be on Mission with the Unrepeatable Blessing Book Project!

Why Books? [Part 1]

Why Books? [Part 2]

Get on Mission with the Unrepeatable Blessings Book Project

Many people have asked me how they could get “on mission” with the Unrepeatable Blessing Book Project, so I created this graphic to help give you all some guidelines. I am here to help and to brainstorm new ideas with you so do not ever hestistate to reach out!

Need Some Book Recommendations?

One of my VERY FAVORITE things about being an Usborne Books & More Consultant is finding the perfect book for you and your child. I have created a list HERE of few of our family favorites and will add more as time goes on. I also have THIS video about my FAVORITE series.

If you would like personal recommendations, I can make you a personalized wishlist if you send me your child’s age, and a few of their interests.

Please stay tuned for more.

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