Book Pick: Saints Like Me

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You know me, I LOVE books! So, I thought that I would stop in and share with you some books that my family is really loving right now. These books are brought to you by the same folks who are responsible for the Catholic Sprouts Podcast.

I am really excited to share these books with you because although we only have 2 of the books right now — there are actually 4 books in the series including:

  • Saints Like Me: Great Black Catholics
  • Saints Like Me: Great Latino Catholics
  • Saints Like Me: Great Asian Catholics
  • Saints Like Me: Great American Catholics

The last two books of the series are headed to my mailbox right now and I cannot wait to check them out.

When I first saw these books advertised I was immediately intrigued because I have long believed that for children to want to become something they need to see it lived out in an attractive way. I have children that are both Black and children that are Latino/a and so it is imperative for me to present Saints to them that look like them. These books are fantastic because not only do the books show Saints of a variety of skin colors and ethnicities but also adult Saints, kid Saints, married Saints, and single Saints. It is my deepest desire that ALL of my children become saints someday so I love presenting them these rich and beautiful examples of Saints!

I love sitting down and reading these books with my kids because each page includes:

  • A beautiful image of the Saint
  • A map showing geographical location of the Saint
  • A longer text for older kids
  • A shorter text for the littlest readers

Finally, one of my favorite aspects of these books is that each book concludes with a Marian apparition where Mary has appeared as native woman.

In writing this post, I discovered that these books are on special right now that ALL FOUR books are on sale for $32! Check it out over at Catholic Sprouts! (sale ends 9/29)

I will be giving away a copy of Great Latino Catholics and Great Black Catholics. Head on over to Instagram to enter!

*The links on this post are NOT affiliate links. I just LOVE these products and wanted to share them with you!

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