Be Amazing: Help Super Samantha Get Her TinySuperHero Cape!

Meet Super Samantha!

Super Samantha is an amazing little 3-year-old Spina Bifida warrior. She is the happiest, spunkiest, little girl your will have ever meet. She loves to crack jokes with her 5 siblings, dance ballet, and is never without something llama related — especially her llama “lovie” Silly Llama. She enjoys her days at Preschool and thinks that her teachers are the best. And, of course, her very favorite color is pink! Our sweet little Samantha has been through a lot in her short years and she faces every challenge with a smile.

“83% of TinySuperHeroes felt a greater sense of self-worth.”


Why TinySuperHeroes?

I recently became aware of the TinySuperHeroes (TSH) organization which describes itself as a “A tiny Cape company with a super BIG Mission.” From the moment I first saw it advertised, I knew that I wanted to honor Samantha and highlight her journey in this way. In particular, there are five reasons that I was very excited about this organization:

  1. TSH is a grassroots organization founded by Robyn, a young woman who wanted to support children who were dealing with medical diagnoses and it grew from there!
  2. THS is local to the St. Louis area – it is headquartered in Webster Groves.
  3. THS is a pay-it-forward organization that encourages those who can help others to encourage and uplift those around them.
  4. THS provides continuing continuing encouragement for kids to better their community by providing on-going missions for the TinySuperHeroes to complete.
  5. Finally, and most importantly, TSH is ALL about making kids see how amazing they are just by being who they are each day!

“90% of children who received a TinySuperHero Cape felt more confident.”


Why Sponsor Super Samantha?

I am hoping to gather community support to sponsor one of these capes for my dear Super Samantha! I would be so honored if you would sponsor this spunky little fighter to get her TinySuperHero Cape. As you know, the model of this organization is to pay-it-forward so that by sponsoring Samantha, you will help not only her, but also other children like her to receive a cape and YOU will be a part of the mission of helping kids dealing with medical diagnoses to feel empowered.

“28 countries have TinySuperHeroes.”


Thanks Friends!

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